GP01-H55JF4-24~96 In-line Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Short Description:

In-line optic splice closure is specially designed to splice and protect fiber joints of all type of optic cable with dimension 12-16mm. It is mainly used to connect and branch optic cables in overhead, pipeline or manhole applications. Adopt high-intensity engineering plastics and formed by plastic injection mold under high pressures. Adding anti-UV, corrosive-resistance, and aging-resistance elements, to be with long durability. Reopenable mechanical sealing system, simple and reasonable inner structure, easy installation, is a reliable option for communication network construction.

Product Detail

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Spec. Size


Tray Capacity Max. Splice capacity Ports number & available cable dia. Raw material
GP01-H55JF4-96  350*180*70.5 24F/Tray 96F 2 inlets and 2 outlets for cable dia.

Φ 12-16mm

Closure: Modified P.P. +GF


Metal: Stainless Steel

Exterior Structure Diagram


Technical Parameter

● IP: 66

●Working Temperature: 0 ~ +40

● Fiber Curvature Radius ≥35mm

●Additional Loss after coiling in the closure: ≤0.01dB

● Bare fiber storage length in the splice tray: ≥ 1m


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