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The closure is widely used to connect and branch the outdoor optic fibers in aerial, buried and pipeline applications. Adopt fully mechanical sealing and reopen design, with optional valve and ground feed-through lug. Simple inner structure and easy installation, is the best choice for network construction.

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Model Trays  Tray capacity Max Capacity Dimension

mm (biggest point)

Entry port & Available cable dia.  Raw material
GP01-H31JF4(8)-36C 3 12c 36 c 319*248*125 2 inlet & 2 outlet for φ8-φ12mm cable. 8 pcs SC adapter ports for 8 figure drop Cable 2*3 mm Closure body: P.P +GF

Tray: ABS

Sealing method Full Mechanical sealing way, clip type lock Application Pole/ wall mounting
Bending Radius  > 40mm Durability 25 years
Available Splitter 2pcs 1:4/2:4, or 1 pcs 1:8/2:8 

Exterior Structure Diagram


Technical Parameter

1. Working Temperature: -40 degrees centigrade~+65 degrees centigrade
2. Atmospheric Pressure: 62~106Kpa
3. Axial Tension: >1000N/1min
4. Flatten Resistance: 2000N/100 mm (1min)
5. Insulation resistance: >2*104MΩ
6. Voltage Strength: 15KV(DC)/1min, no arc over or breakdown
7. Temperature recycle: under -40℃~+65℃,with 60(+5)Kpa inner pressure, in 10cycles; Inner pressure shall decrease less than 5 Kpa when closure turn to normal temperature.
8. Durability:25 years

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