RSY Fiber optic splice closure sealing heat shrink tubing

Short Description:

RSY optic fiber heat shrink tube is used to seal Fiber optic splice closure. The lined coating or spiral coating inside guarantees a tight and reliable bonding to the closure.

A thermo sensitive paint on the outside of the tubing indicates that proper shrink temperature by changing its color.

Product Detail

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-hot-melt adhesive can resistant water and moisture

-easy installation, no special skills or equipments are necessary for installation

-conversion of thermo-sensitive color for indication of proper shrink temperature

-high shrink ratio of RSY allows it to accommodate different cable diameters.



Type Diameter as supplied Recovered diameter Recovered thickness
Φ28/6 28 6.00 2.5
Φ33/8 33 8.00 2.5
Φ35/12 35 12.0 2.5
Φ40/12 40 12.0 2.5
Φ45/13 40 13.0 2.5
Φ55/16 55 16 2.7
Φ65/19 65 19 2.8
Φ75/22 75 22 3.0
Φ85/25 85 25 3.0
Φ95/25 95 25 3.0

*We can design and compound special specification products according to the customer’s requirements.

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