Dome Type Vertical Fiber Closure/Enclosure GJS03-M8AX-RS

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Fiber Optic enclosure  is used for connecting and protecting singal core or bunch cables. It can be placed in underground, aerial, wall-mounting, pedestal or direct buried, hand hole-mounting and duct-mounting applications. We always aim to the R&D of communication equipment. Our fiber closures can improve the operation of your network communication system.Closure is suitable for the applications up to 96 single fibers,which can cover most of the applications in the long-distance transmission and local fiber distribution networks, like Fiber To The Home / Fiber To The Curb …(FTTH/FTTC).

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Model: GJS03-M8AX-RS-144
Size:With clamp biggest outer dia. 511.6*244.3 mm Raw material Dome,clamp: modified PP,  Base:Nylon +GF
Tray: ABS
Metal parts:Stainless steel
Entry ports number: 1 oval port,4 round ports Available cable dia. Oval port:available for 2 pcs, 10~29mm cables
Round ports:Each available for 1pc 6-24.5mm cable
Max. tray number 6 trays Base sealing method Heat-shrink
Tray capacity: 24F Applications: Aerial, directly buried, Wall/ pole mounting
Max. closure splice capacity 144 F IP grade 68

Order Guidance

GJS03-M8AX-RS details and installation_1

Exterior Structure Diagram

GJS03-M8AX-RS details and installation_2

Technical Parameter

1. Working Temperature: -40 degrees centigrade~+65 degrees centigrade
2. Atmospheric Pressure: 62~106Kpa
3. Axial Tension: >1000N/1min
4. Flatten Resistance: 2000N/100 mm (1min)
5. Insulation resistance: >2*104MΩ
6. Voltage Strength: 15KV(DC)/1min, no arc over or breakdown
7. Temperature recycle: under -40℃~+65℃,with 60(+5)Kpa inner pressure, in 10cycles; Inner pressure shall decrease less than 5 Kpa when closure turn to normal temperature.
8. Durability:25 years


Installation Guidance


1. Cut the ports to guide the cable


2. Put the cable through the heat-shrink tube


3. Remove the sheath of the cable and clean it. Cut the strengthen member to 5cm length. Put it through the attach screws and bend it to fix on the screw. Then tighten the screw.


4. Remove the loose tube of the cable and clean the bare fibers. Put them through the transparent PE tube. Using PVC tape to wrap the end of the PE tube and cable.


5. Wind the excessive loose fibers in suitable cycles and put them in the storage basket.


6. Coiling the fibers in the splice trays from the bottom tray to the top one as the picture above. Fusion the joints and shrink the protective tubes and fix them in the tray. Then cover  the tray lid.


7. Use the Velcro strip to bind the trays.


8.Using abrasive strip to rough the surface of the cable sheath and ports slightly.


9. Clean the cable surface and ports


10. Move the heat-shrink tube to cover the base port and the cable. Mark the tube end on the cable and stick the aluminum film on it. The blue line of the film shall at the same position of the marked place. ( Edge which close to the blue line shall be in the tube. Other side out of the tube.) Using blunt tool to smoooth the film tightly stick to the cable. Using heat-gun to heat the heat-shrink tube in the direction of the red arrow slowly. (If to guide 2 cables in the oval port, use branch off clips to separate the cables , heat the branch off clip to seal the space meanwhile.)


11. heat the round ports following the same step as the oval port


12.  close the closure with the clamp.


13.Choose the suitable mounting kits for different installation environment.


This closure can be used in duct, buried, overhead..etc
High quality impact material.pp and internal is PP,ABS
Designed for ftth with adapter if needed.
Fiber storage with big basket
Modular fiber management system
Cable diameter range: 8~20 mm
Sealing way of cables:Mechanical seaing by silicon rubber
IP rating is IP68


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